Who Are You?

I am a grad student who is turning my builder special home into my dream home, one messy project at a time.

What is your full name as it appears on you birth certificate:  I wonder where that is…

What do you like to be called: Sandra

What are your nicknames: Doobie, Squishy Pants,

What is your alias? (Middle name, street you grew up on): It wouldn’t be an alias if I told the internet..

What’s your stripper/drag queen name? (Name of first pet, mother’s maiden name): Snowball Cantillon

What’s your Mobster Nickname: Alice the Quack

What’s your Star Wars Nickname: Thalassa Kolbrun

What’s your sign: Goat (it fits)

Notable Events on the Day You Were Born:  On December 21, 1980, heiress Martha “Sunny” von Bulow’s body was found, unconscious, on her bathroom floor in Newport, R.I. For nearly 28 years, she lay in a coma as rumors swirled surrounding her state; her second husband, Claus von Bulow, was put on trial and convicted of trying to kill his wife—twice—by injecting her with enough insulin to trigger her hypoglycemia. Claus was originally sentenced to 30 years in prison, but appealed, and was acquitted in a second trial. Sunny von Bulow remained hospitalized for the majority of her life, spending her last years in a Manhattan nursing home, where she died today at the age of 76. Though von Bulow never came out of the coma or even showed signs of brain activity, “doctors said Mrs. von Bülow never showed any signs of brain activity; she was fed through a tube in her stomach. Yet there were always fresh flowers in her room, and photographs of her children and grandchildren sat on a bedside table.” [NYTimes]

Hometown: a little town in Georgia

Height: 5′7”.  At least that’s what I tell the DMV people.

Eye color: Green

Hair color: Red

Piercings: 3

Tattoos: 2

What’s your most attractive feature: ability to use power tools.

Pets: Tyler Bing, Charlie, and Anna the cat

What are the perks of your job: Good pay, casual dress, cheap sodas

How much do you love your job: A LOT.

Are you an inside or outdoors person? How hot is it?

Do you have children? No. I have dogs.  And they’re better behaved than your children.

What Laundry detergent do you use? Tide Free & Clear.

What color is your bedroom’s carpet: gunstock engineered hardwood with a piano finish

What color is your bedroom: Central Park (but it’s oddly a yellow family)

What color is your bathroom: blueish gray.

What did you want to be when you were little? A rock n roll star,

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