DIY Concrete Patio Planters

Who says it never snows in Georgia?

Northern Georgia has three seasons: winter, pollen and hot.  Even though everything outside (and inside) is covered with a layer of yellow pollen, it’s not hot.  And that is cause for bring outside despite twitchy allergy eye.  Last year, we painted the porch swing on the patio bright colors.  While the bench beckoned to hang out with a margarita, the patio itself was ringed with sad concrete blocks.  It was time to fix that.

Home Depot had concrete paver squares for $.99.  I have a milk crate in the garage filled with tubes of liquid nails and silicon adhesive.

Put them together:




Try to keep the corners even.  Let dry 24 hours….




An insanely heavy concrete planter for four bucks and some liquid nails.


They form a nice wall along the patio.


Remember the swing from this post We still need more planters to line the walkway and replace all the concrete blocks, and dirt and plants.  But first I need some Tylenol.  These suckers are heavy and made it obvious that I need to hit the gym.

How are you spending your dog days of summer?  Moving heavy stuff?  Creating secret gardens?





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