DIY Landscape Lighting

There is a corner of our yard that is dark, shadowy.  The shadows by the bushes freak out the dogs when they go out at night.  We tossed around the idea of a motion sensor light, but that would also light up our neighbor’s house. Having sawdust in the driveway at all times already makes us dangerously to being one of those people.  I think shining a light into a neighbor’s window would seal our fate.

We looked at the garden lights at the big box stores.  They were too expensive, too ugly, too everything.  Fortunately a trip down the plumbing aisle inspired a solution to the problem.

First, we cut a point into the bottom of PVC pipes and stick them in the ground.


Stick cheapo grocery store solar lights into the pipes.


Paint them green so they blend in.


Lots of bang for only a few bucks:


Now there’s no need to be afraid of the dark.  Or of stepping in one of Charlie’s presents. :)

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