Dueling Divas: Horizontal Wainscoting:

I often get asked why I do so much work to a house I will eventually sell – a home I live in for a while instead of a forever home.  Why take the time to do projects that will never provide a return of investment?  I never had a good answer until I spent a day wandering around a strangers house, seeing their objects for sale.

I work on my home because I love.  I love my family and want them to live in a nice home.  I can’t afford to hire someone to create home I have in my head, so I have to do it myself.  There’s accomplishment and problem solving and meeting a challenge and all of that crap, but at the bottom of that is love.  And that love is the color of wood.

Horozontal Wainscoting_2

Beyond love is the knowledge that I can turn this


Into this

Horizontal Wainscoting_1

That I can climb the stairs a thousand times

horizontal wainscoting_3

That I can hammer in a hundred brad nails old school

horizontal waincoting_5

That I can make the space we (my family & I ) live in a place we want to come home to.

In other words, I do it because I want to.

Because I have to.

Because I can.

And you can too.

Why do you work on your home?


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