Spring Fever & Brown Thumb

This past week, I woke up to a light dusting of snow on the roofs of the surrounding townhomes.  Fast forward two days to day light savings and a beautiful weekend.   My neighbors enjoyed their weekend by pulling out their motorcycles, washing the winter off of their cars, opening the windows and going to the park.  At Bing’s house, we did yard work.  The first weekend of spring always makes me feel in the mood for greenery and plants.  The recent cold tried to kill that simple dream.  The recent cold doesn’t know about Grower’s Outlet. 

Growers' Outlet

 I don’t know how the magical folks at Grower’s Outlet do it, but they sell small green plants cheap.  Thirty clams filled up the motorcycle, and gave me enough plants to fill in one bed.  This was a sad bed that I started before I knew about Growers Outlet.  I had previously self-imposed a thirty dollar limit for plants.  Most of them get strangled in the hard Georgia clay.  The plants always die because of the clay  never the over watering of the forget plant owner or the dog that loves to dig.    Before the grower’s outlet, I could only get two Hellebore plants. 


This time, I was able to get a lot more.


And almost fill the bed with Hellebore and Phlox.


If they die, I’m still blaming the clay.  If they live, I’ll make the black ring look prettier.

What’s your money on?

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