Wainscoting is Installed!

Remember back when I began the DIY Diva Duel?  No?  It was a long time ago – before the hurt ankle, ripping plywood fail, insane summer heat.  It was so long ago that I almost forgot all about it.  Well, I pushed it out of my mind until I walked in the front door and saw the mess that I started and sorta ran away from.  I walk in and out the door multiple times a day.  I was tired of the running.

But guess what?!?  Bacon?!?


Is that wainscoting on attached to the wall?


Attached to every wall?


Holy Moses – something has actually been finished!

Foyer_Progress4 copy


  • fix the ceiling – it was damaged during a leak a few years ago
  • add trim to the wainscoting
  • trim the stairs
  • patch and paint the foyer
  • do something with the floor
  • some sort of table under the mirror
  • lower the mirror so I can see more than the top of my head
  • paint the doors
  • paint the wainscoting & trim
  • do something about the lighting
  • get lots of Charlie rubs


He tried really hard not to move.

Just to keep the crazy list in perspective: then & now


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  1. caitlin says:

    This looks really really great. What I like most about it is that it is SO totally unique. I look at so many design images every day, sometimes they all start to meld into one big cookie cutter look…bead board or board and batton on the bottom and paint on the top (pretty, but a bit meh after a while). There is no chance of that here. Congrats on finishing. -Caitlin

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