Fixing the Mistakes From Before

Before the late night  paint redo, before we realized that we can’t just call a landlord to fix anything that went wrong, before Mike and I took the time to learn about materials and processes in home improvement, we made a lot of mistakes.  One of the mistakes we made was painting a room crazy dark brown and then pushing a desk up to the wall before the paint dried.

Doesn’t sound like a big deal right? I mean, the desk was there hiding any bad juju.  Until the room was changed back into a bedroom, the desk was removed and I decided to build in a vanity area to get ready in the morning so I don’t have to keep my make up in the most used restrooom in the house..

When I painted the room, I neglected to fix the wall.  It seemed easier to push a dresser in front of the mess.  Before I could really get started on the vanity, I had to fix the wall.  In a previous life I would hang pictures or mirrors using a put a ton of screws into the wall until something works method, so I have learned to keep a big bucket of spackle and metal spackle knives in the garage.  Okay, my favorite employee at Home Depot suggested I get the big bucket.  I think he was getting tired of seeing me every week with plaster and dust in my hair.  Really.  It was scary.

The top layers of drywall had kinda peeled of when the desk was moved so I smooshed spackle onto the wall.  There are two theories to spackle.  One is to neatly smear the spackle and try to scrape as much excess off with the metal knife causing you to only have to sand a little; the other theory is to pancake the spackle on and hope it all works out while sanding.  Can you guess which theory I subscribe to?

While I had the spackle out, I filled in the holes from a little wallpaper border removal snafu.  Mental note – it is much easier to go over wallpaper than it is removing it.







With the plaster dried, sanded and painted, it now time to start execute my master plan (cue evil scientist laugh).

Yes. This my plan.  And no, I didn’t call the dentist yet.

Have you fixed any home un-improvements lately? I would love to hear about!



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