Foodie Fridays: Fresh Greens for Busy People

If you’re anything like me, you love going to the grocery store, filling your cart with beautiful veggies, and dreaming of the amazing meals you’ll make that week.  You also open your fridge a few days a whole week later to find wilted spinach, wrinkly tomatoes, and moldy ginger.  Sads.


As it turns out, busy folks don’t have time for meals-made-from-scratch every weekday, so we need our veggies to stay fresh for extended periods of time.  Here’s a little trick I learned for keeping your leafy greens and herbs like-new for over a week: store them in a glass full of water.  Like so:


This works not just for cilantro, but for spinach, arugula, dill, anything that’s green and has a stem.  Just cut off the bottoms with scissors once you get home from the supermarket, stick them in a glass full of water, and pop them in the fridge.  You will be greeted by happy greens every time you open the refrigerator for weeks on end.  And your dreams of beautiful meals can actually become a reality.  Happy grocery shopping!

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  1. Looks like flowers every time you open the fridge! Brilliant! I will do this after I go get a few colorful vases… or do they have to be clear?

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