Can we get a little organization up in here?

Last week, I spent an absurd amount of time cleaning my make-up area.  Every time I opened the finishing powder, it spilt all over the table.  No biggie except that I am always running late in the morning.  Getting up earlier doesn’t help; it simply created more time for a coffee spill on your only clean suit type of crisis to happen.  Or my favorite crisis – running late so trying to gulp way tooo hot coffee which results in flinching while simultaneously  spilling coffee all over my make-up vanity.  Normal people could just wipe their vanity top with a handy-dandy cloth and go about their way.  Not me, I like to make things difficult.  When your vanity is this disorganized, the task of wiping it down can become difficult and time-consuming.

There were only two options.  Either: A – stop drinking coffee; or B- make the vanity top easier to clean.   The idea of option A made me want to lay down in my newly made bed and nap for a very long time, so option B it is.

Fortune was on our side when we spotted this mirrored cabinet in the clearance section at the ole Home Depot.  (I know I am supposed to hate the big box stores, but they are the only ones that are open when I am awake.  I am not exactly doing my home improvement on a contractor’s schedule that the locally owned stores follow.)  Ten clams and my disorganized mess can magically be hidden behind a closed door.  There may have been dancing.  Just between us, there was definitely dancing, moonwalk style….

The cabinet had no hooks or any way to hang it.  This was remedied with three saw tooth hangers.  I used three because that’s how many came in the package.  No good ever comes from skimping.  The  necessary  holes were marked and screws were drilled into the wall.  L brackets were attached at the bottom of the cabinet for additional support.  These were drilled into the studs so anchors weren’t needed, with the tops hidden behind the cabinet.





After another trip to Home Depot (I really need to start making lists) I had inside shelf pegs and a piece of popular board for a shelf.

Now for the magic!


From the beginning                                                             And now – a nice easy clean surface:







Hmm. Now where did I put the coffee?

In other news…. The backyard bench redo is on Lowes Inspiration! Go there and vote for it in the beginner’s category! If I win the category, I will post an embarrassing video of me doing the moonwalk.  Imagine seeing that in all it’s glory! Definitely worth taking the five minutes to vote.


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