Green Squared: Sheet to Stain Cloth

Operation green squared is in effect.  Every week, we will be making small changes to save both types of green – the environment and the money.  I care about the environment and the cash flow (or rather the nicely scented soy candles that the cash flow can purchase).  While I would love to throw out all the toxic cleaning supplies and reuse everything I can, it gets a little more difficult when you live with other people.  It’s not just your habit you have to change, it’s the household.   This is where saving the other kind of green comes in.  No one wakes up in the morning hoping to blow the budget with re-purchasing what they essentially have around the house already.

This week operation green squared reuses something that was headed to the garbage bin.  The old sheet, you know, the one that you debate between donating to goodwill and tossing; the one that the washing machine ate and put a giant hole in it.


Instead of tossing it, save green squared by cutting it up into rectangles.

Bingo! Instant stain cloths.

Cheesecloth is one of those items that you purchase to use once to apply stain and then throw out.  Now we can use the cut up sheet to apply stain and we don’t have to feel bad (or spend moolah) when we throw it out.  That’s green squared!

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