Bringing on the ugly – Dueling DIY Divas

We take one step forward and two steps back…  More than two steps it seems.  The white was dingy, poorly painted and gross looking. 

Original_Landing1 Original_Stairs2











Then I saw the Dueling DIY Diva stair challenge. I am a DIYer. I am sometimes a Diva. I might like to duel. 

The stairs have made it to the must be helped no matter how horrible the process is 2013 checklist.  Like the normal person I am, I though “hey, a little joint compound, a little dark gray paint and presto – Designer stairs. 


It is definitely time to open the windows and let the ridiculously cold air in and paint fumes out.


From ugly to fugly. 

Ever wonder how to make something that’s ugly look a whole lot worse?  Apparently you spend your entire freaking weekend filling in holes, sanding risers and then paint both sets of stairs gray.  Dark gray paint in a dark light free stairwell – because that doesn’t sound depressing at all.

Thanks to the paint fumes, I wasn’t even smart enough to cover the stair treads and got compound all over them.   And once the compound had dried, the hubby reminded me that I could have simply wiped it off with a rag while it was wet.  Except I didn’t think of that because I was paining in a small room watching Hulu reruns of Merlin in a crazy my stairs will be beautiful kind of haze.

Arrgghhh. Well, at least my fingers aren’t broken (although from the sorry state of the photos, it seems as though my flash may be).  I think that may just give me a leg up.




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8 Responses to Bringing on the ugly – Dueling DIY Divas

  1. Nicki says:

    Found you throught The Ugly Duckling House. I am so sorry for you! But just wanted you to k now I got a really good laugh at that post. Keep it up, one day, your stairs WILL be beautiful!

    • Sandra says:

      Thanks for stopping by. I am glad you enjoyed the post! I hope you’re right, otherwise this duel will never end, and I’m not sure that’s what Sarah & Kit had in mind. I mean, a person can only drink so much, right? :)

  2. Thanks for linking up! And you’re not alone with painting stairs – I’ve painted mine twice now ;)

    Joint compound can still be cleaned up fairly easy with a sponge even after it dries. Try using a magic eraser too – those things take anything off anything (for the most part). Can’t wait to see what else you do! Good luck!

  3. Ann McG says:

    Oh, it all sounds very familiar. Have you decided what to do to yet?
    The grey looks like a nice blueish grey on the photo, maybe painting the stringers and treads in a complementing colour would do the trick.

    Best of luck to you in the challenge, we’ve had a slow week here, just of to check how ll the other divas are getting on :)
    Ann x

    • Sandra says:

      The gray is waaay too dark. The stairway has no natural light, so it looks like the scary stairs in the abandoned house. Right now I am thinking of copper, clean lines and a chunky hand rail. I am completely stuck on the sconce though. Have you stumbled upon any cheap, modern ones that are insanely bright?

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