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A Happy Place

It is ridiculously hot in Georgia.  Hot like you can feel fire on your arms, hot where it almost feels cool from your sweat evaporating.  Hot.  Hot where it is time to move inside for some decorating and leave the … Continue reading

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The Myth of the $10 / 10 min Project

We’ve all done it.  We’ve all watched HGTV and thought:That’s when I know to put down the margaritas, and go to bed. Normally I still wake up with ideas and optimism floating around my head.  After a cup of coffee, this voice … Continue reading

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Free Paint

Free paint?  Yes please.  Ace Hardware has been giving away free quarts of paint periodically throught the summer. Each time they ran the promotion, I snagged a quart.  Soon I had enough to make this magical brightness happen.  Did I mention it … Continue reading

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Change doesn’t happen overnight

Unless it does….

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