The Myth of the $10 / 10 min Project

We’ve all done it.  We’ve all watched HGTV and thought:That’s when I know to put down the margaritas, and go to bed. Normally I still wake up with ideas and optimism floating around my head.  After a cup of coffee, this voice starts talking, the voice of reason.  The voice that reminds me that I don’t know how to move plumbing, and that lifting anything heavy above my head is an Olympic feat, never mind holding it up there single-handedly while I screw it into the wall.  That voice of reason if my friend.  It has stopped me from running off and starting many ill-fated home – un-improvement projects.  Two years of a half done kitchen with wires flung out everywhere – not this girl.  Unfortunately this voice doesn’t always come out, especially when it comes to finishes.  Three years and counting on installing an engineered wood floor because it seemed easier than hiring?  That’s me, with arm raised high in the air.

It’s not really a surprise that the voice of reason didn’t come out to play when I figured that it would take me about ten minutes and ten dollars’ worth of spray paint to paint the swing bench on the patio. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I feel like I should have known better.

Off to the big box store I went, picking up a can of bright yellow and a can of happy orange.  Recently, the NLB Thrift store had some handmade furniture that was painted in a color-blocking style. 

I thought yellow for the base, and a stripe of orange would be a cheerful combo and bring a little modern flair to the natural toned patio.  Since yellow is lighter than orange I thought I could spray the whole thing in yellow, and then just spray the stripes on top using the yellow as the primer.  I also thought I could spray the bench yellow over the course of a day, a light coat here, a few minutes over there, in between homework and Law & Order reruns (don’t judge).

Ummm…. Yeah….

Here’s a tip.  No matter what color outdoor wood looks like, if it is pressure treated, it will have a green tone to it.  It doesn’t matter if the wood was previously stained, it’s under tone will always be green.  When you add bright yellow spray paint to green wood (even if the green is hidden) it turns neon yellowish-green.  An entire can and ten minutes later, and it’s still neon green.  Not exactly the modern look I was going for.

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s back to the paint store I go.

Have you had mishaps with projects that appear easy and cheap?

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