Thriftin’ Thursday

North Georgia is an odd combination of wealthy lake house owners to trailers with chickens running into the main road.  You don’t need a tv if you can sit in your car (which is behind a Porsche) for a half an hour and watch the sheriff department try to herd and capture a whole flock of chickens that were released into a trailer park and subsequently spent their days wandering around a main road during rush hour.  It is also hoe to dozens of antique and thrift stores.  The thrift stores are an odd collection of musty moldy smelling clothes, one dollar books and designer purses.  It is an insanely fun (and frugal) way to make your house fit for a Bing.

This week’s wanderings took me to The Place.

The Place is a local thrift store that is associated with United Way and provides a ton of social services such as emergency family assistance and a food pantry.  It is curated which is a nice change from the crammed corners of GoodWill, and means that it is an easy and quick browse.

During this trip, I discovered:

That’s right.  Single file cabinets!  As in a SUV full of single drawers that are not attached to each other so I can arrange them any way I want metal drawers.  I said drawers on purpose.  They’re not filing cabinets, but more like deep metal drawers.

The lucky duck I call Mike saw this beauty first.  Thrift store rules – he who sees it first gets to buy it first.   Thrift store rules suck.

Yes. This is a window fan for fifteen dollars in the middle of the summer in Georgia.  Summer in Georgia.  And the kicker – it works!  The color of envy is not green.  It is the white color of a cheap working window fan when I am suck with these monstrosities.

Did I mention I saw the green drawers first?

Check out The Place here.  What unique items have you found in a thrift store recently?

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