Tis the Season

Fireplace wall

The first semester of school is over.  The first fire of the year has begun.  It is only 51 degrees tonight, but in Georgia you have to get it when you can.  I am ashamed to say, this is these are the only Christmas decorations in the house.  Christmas is always a challenge time for me.  It’s not that I am grinchie, but it’s more like trees and blinking lights don’t really feel like Christmas when the grass was green.  Growing up in New England, when the trees had lights in them and the grass was green, you were those people.

Christmas often seems more effort than it is worth.  The point of Christmas is to be with those you love.  It doesn’t matter if its family, a neighbor, a cat, or the crazy man who sets the garage on fire once in a while.  What’s important is to take a moment and reflect on how grateful we are for the wonderfulness in our lives, for the pretty controlled fire in the fireplace.  The tree, the electricity to run crazy colored blinking lights, the presents under the tree, they are symbols of the prosperity and joy in our lives.  They are symbols – not the cause.

I realized recently that all my decorations came from other people.  History that is intentional can provide a sense of place.  Christmas decorations, symbols of celebration that are not my symbols are simply clutter.  Someday I will have a house full of Christmas decorations, but for now, I am happy to have a clean home full of laughter and love regardless if it’s attached to two legs or four.

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